Special needs integration program


In current times, pedagogy has been interested in providing for all types of people in the society, for it is not the only recluse to ordinary individuals as it used to be in the past and the pedagogical and educational efforts are now directed towards all youth regardless of their intellectual levels and abilities.

It is undoubted that education is a human right despite the individual abilities and talents, and it has been stated clearly in the 1994 UNESCO world conference that special needs students must be granted equal educational opportunities in parallel to their ordinary peers in public schools.

In light of the previous high human principles, it has become an obligation to provide special needs with the right educational and pedagogical opportunities, career alternatives, and decent social life.

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What is the Trust Centre Integration Program?

The program, in collaboration with the public schools in the State of Qatar that have special needs departments, should include:

The Trust Centre Integration Program is a comprehensive, educational programme that believes in the individual differences, and in the fact that each person has his special abilities and is capable of learning according to his particularly distinguished learning style despite the individual differences; the strategies of the integration program include:

Preparation of the staff and electing the most suitable members by the Trust Centre.

  • The readiness of the principal and the staff to apply for the integration program.
  • Availability of acceptance and harmony amongst the management team.
  • Availability of a suitable educational building.
  • Availability of educational services and activities.
  • The collaboration between the families and the staff to make the program successfully implemented.
  • Elevated cultural and social levels in the school environment.
  • Appropriate willingness of the instructors to implement the program.
  • Readiness to join the preparation courses designed to help to complete the integration program.
  • The preparation of ordinary students to accept the different individual differences in order to successfully accomplish the program goals.
  • The preparation of the ordinary students’ parents, in addition to providing a comprehensive illustration of the human, educational, psychological and social goals of the program.

The creation of appropriately mixed groups in order to combine both ordinary and special students via the school management.

Planning and executing the appropriate strategies by the Trust Centre (educational evaluation - individualistic educational program - classroom management rules - educational environment - classroom planning - plans and schedules - entertainment - appropriate syllabi strategies).


Syllabus modification - when necessary.

Preparation of classroom instructors to successfully collaborate with Trust Centre assistant instructors.


There are several standards that should be fulfilled in order to integrate the special needs children:

  • The special needs student should belong to the same intellectual level in which he’s going to be implemented.
  • The special needs student should be capable of self-care.
  • The special needs student should be chosen by a special committee in order to evaluate his capability of coping with the program.
  • The special needs student must not be intensely handicapped nor has multiple disabilities.
  • The special needs student should be prepared to work in large groups whilst learning.

Classroom mechanisms include:

A.  The instructor should continuously observe the special needs student/s whilst the integrated groups are functioning.

B.  The special needs student should be motivated whilst in class through:

  • stopping inappropriate behaviors.
  • encouraging the student to follow verbal instructions.
  • encouraging the student to carry out his share of work.
  • encouraging the student to sit appropriately in order to
  • increase attention and focus within the class.

C.  The instructor should observe and consider the student responses that allude to the following of classroom orders and instructions.

D.  The instructor should use the motivation strategy that grants the student some time to provide an answer - up to 15 seconds.

E.  The staff should use the reinforcement strategy with the special needs students.

F.  The instructor should invoke social interaction as much as possible.

G.  The individualistic practice of some individual talents for the special needs students via the special resources room.

H.  The integration team includes:

  • Family and parents.
  • Special education staff (assistant instructor - the center director - pronunciation and discourse specialist - behavior management specialist - special education instructor).
  • Classroom instructors.
  • The school management.

The program, in collaboration with the public schools in the State of Qatar that have special needs departments, should include: